construction in infusion with 3D CORE that guarantees maximum lightness and strength


Pure scow bow design, avoid nosediving and better performance  in reaching and downwind


High quality contruction,best materials for the best price on the market


customer assistance made by professional sailors to better plan your minitransat project


Good connections with sailmakers to have the best sails suit for your boat


High performance boat with high possibility of modifications and adaptation of the deck plan by the skipper needs


be part of a cool comunity and get the most advanced boat on the market

Infusion process

Female molde

Poliester resin

Mini Class rules for serie production

3D-core contruction.

Lighter and stronger than soric.

3D-core simply make holes in foam.

These holes result a hexagon structure or derivations of it. In the production of the composite parts the structure is filled with resin. The cured resin in the structure and the foam core create a hybrid with excellent technical properties


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