The Vector 650 was born from the prototype of Etienne 934 that has concluded wonderfully in second position the Mini Transat 2017. The hull has been revised and optimized on the specifications of the series boat and based on the feedbacks obtained after the Transat. The design looks to the future with round entry lines and large volume at the bow. The 934 boat has shown impressive speeds in some cases despite not being fully developed and being born for foiling use. The designer Etienne Bertrand has made a great design effort to further improve the design of the proto and to give maximum comfort to the skipper. Vector 6.5 is a boat that is potentially very fast but also very comfortable for long cruises. A great innovation is the use of 3Dcore for the construction that makes the boat very light but tough and long-lived. The Yacht Service shipyard has a long experience in fiberglass infusion construction and now knows the mini world thanks to the prototypes built in 2015.
The boat is be a product which comes from the encounter of a great designer, an excellent construction site and a professional sailor with a long Mini experience.

vector riva.jpg